What Linux is Best for Netbook Users?

November 13, 2021 By admin Off

You can forgive yourself if you don’t know that there are many types of Linux operating systems, even if Windows XP is your default. It is vital to know which type of Linux was installed on your netbook as the netbook becomes more popular and the price point increases.

A “distribution” is a version of the Linux operating systems. Asus was the first netbook manufacturer that made Linux available to everyday users. It introduced the Eee PC laptop line.

Eee PC On Xandros

You are using the Xandros Linux distribution if you have an Eee computer. Xandro is a simple system that allows you to communicate, work and play with your desktop. It can be installed on your computer in four clicks.

Dell Mini 9 on Ubuntu

Ubuntu works best on servers and desktops, but Dell offers it on the Dell Mini 9. However, it’s difficult to know if Dell Linux users are satisfied with their netbooks. Canonical, Ubuntu’s official commercial sponsor, showed netbooks running Ubuntu Netbook Remix recently. This Linux distribution allows netbook users the ability to convert their netbooks into tablet computers.

MSI Wind on SLED

MSI is able to use Novell’s SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, (SLED) for its Linux models. This Linux distribution is among the most popular. SLED, unlike Xandros’s cluttered user interface, is a straightforward, high-quality Operating System designed for non-technical users. MSI wind Linux users are four times more likely Creative Effect Camera App screenshots leaked than Windows XP users to return their netbooks. These factors may be combined: (a) The buyers were ex-Windows XP users, so they are familiar with Microsoft’s user interface; (b) Compatibility issues between OS and peripherals like the webcam.

It might be difficult to move to Linux if you’ve been using Windows XP all your life. It has nothing to do Linux. It’s hard for many computer users to switch to Linux because they are so used to Windows.