Watch-Worthy Indian Serials – Commitment

Watch-Worthy Indian Serials – Commitment

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If you ask someone how to entertain oneself, watching shows online is a response you will indeed receive. To watch shows online is an ultimate pleasure because choosing your genre, watching at your time, and your own space is pure bliss. So are the OTT platforms that bring up such shows online. Aha is one such OTT platform known for the Telugu content it offers. Watch shows online on Aha and keep yourself entertained with promising contents.

Aha is trusted by its users and is subscribed at a high rate, showing its efficiency and its satisfaction through its content. Telugu movies and shows are available from every genre and are streaming by considering the mass response and quality of the content. Aha will be what you are looking for.


A mind-blowing show available online on aha is commitment. Commitment is a Telugu web series. It is a romantic-comedy, and a remake of the loved Hindi-series Permanent roommates. The Viral Fever produces it, and the distributor is Aha. The web series, which was released on the 13th of November, 2020, was immensely loved by the audience. It is a romantic series with humour hitting at the perfect points. You can enjoy commitmentalwebseries online on aha.

The story is about long-distance partners Anu and Phani. Anu is scared to be committed, while Phani is too keen to settle with his girlfriend. Phani, who lives in the United States of America, returns to India to surprise his girlfriend and proposes to her for marriage. Anu stays baffled but admits that she isn’t ready. However, Phani tries his best to convince Anu that they conclude to move in together to see if things go well. While searching for a house, they meet Anu’s childhood friend Pathik, who is about to marry his girlfriend, but their relationship is turning sour as the marriage is approaching. The two try to sort things between Pathik and his girlfriend but develop confusion and insecurities about their relationship in their heads. The live-in is followed by many exceptional events and Anu’s pregnancy, to which the couple starts to plan their wedding. The chemistry between the leads is phenomenal, accompanied by natural acting. The screenplay is something not to be missed. The journey of the couple who are in love but unsure and keep messing around things will keep you engaged all the time.

Directed by PavanSadineni, the show’s casting is as follows: It has well known YouTuber UdhbavRaghunandan and film actress PunarnaviBhupalam as the main leads. Other faces of the series are SivannarayanaNaripeddi, Vishnu Oi, VenkateshKakumanu, NamrataTipirneni and others. The show is sure to make it to your “loved shows”. It will be a visual treat to the eyes with mesmerizing story and performance. It is highly loved by the viewers and falls under one of those shows with the highest IMDB rating. One will have a great time watching it. Watch shows online and movies online, for which one can switch to aha to find Telugu language content.